Talks & Lectures

Dr. Tick and Ms. Dahlstedt are each experienced and sought-after speakers and lecturers with hundreds of public appearances between them. They believe that public and professional education is critical to evolving healthy people and societies. They are urgent about sharing their unique specialities with others in need and are available for small and large group consultations as well.


Restoring the Soul After War • May 30 2022 • 11am-2pm EST

An online Memorial Day Retreat with Dr. Ed Tick, Charlie Pacello, and Chuck Blocker

Since the earliest days of decorating the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flowers, we have come together as a nation to remember our fallen. On Memorial Day, we honor and grieve for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in service. Memorial Day is more than laying wreaths or placing flags. It is a solemn day calling us to reflect on the sacrifices made by those whose voices we never heard but who paid with their lives or long-suffering for their and our freedoms. It is an opportunity for us as a nation to pause for communal mourning, remembrance, song, honor, and making meaning.

This year our gathering is of utmost importance as we deal with the impacts of the Afghanistan War and the ongoing horror in Ukraine. We hope you will find hope, healing, support and meaning with us this coming Memorial Day.


Il ritorno del guerriero
by Edward Tick

Celebrating the Italian translation
of Warrior's Return: Restoring the Soul After War

Video of the May 5, 2022 event

Event description: Close Encounters In War Journal

"American psychotherapist Edward Tick’s Warrior’s Return. Restoring the Soul after War (Sounds True, 2014) has been translated into Italian and published last March by Nerosubianco publisher with the title Il ritorno del guerriero. Guarire l’anima dopo la guerra..."

Dr. Tick is on the board of the Close Encounters In War Journal. He welcomes submissions of poetry, short stories, and short articles witnessing the personal aspects of military or war experiences.

Poetry of Renewal: An Evening of Healing from Colonization and War through Poetry

Sharing the ability to regenerate and heal after years of struggle and oppression through eloquence, beauty, community, and the arts.

A poetic journey to both Viet Nam and Guatemala. Ed Tick and Miguel Rivera read from their newly released poetry collections Coming Home In Viet Nam and In the Courtyard of the Moon, both just published by Tia Chucha Press.

Video of the February 17, 2022 event