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While travel is restricted due to COVID19, all services are offered online only.

Therapy We have a non-medical, holistic and psycho-spiritual approach to therapeutic counseling. We avoid diagnosing and labeling symptoms, but rather listen deeply to explore the whole person to determine underlying causes of the symptoms and issues. Through gentle guidance, wisdom, and support it is possible to develop new ways of feeling and being in the world.

Mentoring We are dedicated to the goal of helping people reclaim their souls, their authentic selves. For many of us that requires exploring layers of learned behaviors and reactions and pushing through our own defenses. For many, it means discovering or deepening their inner or spiritual lives. And for some, it means deep guided study of those dimensions of life and soul that are most enriching yet most ignored.

Spiritual Guidance Psyche means soul and therapiea means to serve. We are servants of the soul. We affirm that we are all spiritual beings connected to each other, nature, and the cosmos and that we must nurture and develop our unique spiritual paths through life that bring us to its depths and our unique purposes and creativity.

Both Ed and Kate are available for each of these services alone or in combination. We offer a sliding scale.

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