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Ed Tick PhD

"Psychotherapist" comes from the ancient Greek. Psyche means soul and therapeia means to serve or attend. A therapeut was an initiated elder guiding and channeling deep and comprehensive holistic and psycho-spiritual healing.

A psychotherapist is not only a mechanic helping to repair the brain or mind or fix dysfunctional patterns. These are important, but in essence and origin a psychotherapist is a servant of the soul. And a therapist is a moirarchos, another ancient word meaning one who guides us to our moira, our destinies -- why we are here, what we are meant to do.

In all my work as healer, educator, writer and journey guide, I strive to be a servant of the soul seeking to provide deep psychospiritual witness, healing and renewal of the core self, the soul, with meaning, authenticity, creativity and true to our destinies.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Massachusetts Board of Allied Mental Health

University of the State of New York

Kate Dahlstedt MA

"The only way out is through." Anonymous

Much like a midwife, I look at my therapeutic approach as facilitating the birth of the real self. Through deep conversations and gentle probing, my clients and I uncover layers of their life experiences that have created blocks to living full-heartedly. By awakening greater self awareness, we unfold a roadmap that enables them to see where they have been and how they have adapted. With understanding and support they can begin to experiment with more self fulfilling, soul rewarding ways of being. They are in some small sense reborn.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

University of the State of New York

We offer psychotherapy to adults and teens and counseling to couples. We also, offer mentoring and training to folks who are looking to learn more about our approach as they continue working in the healing field. Our work is not limited to the US. We do Zoom work with people all over the world, including refugees.